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Words of Affirmation To Your Child: Help Your Child Feel Better About Themselves

Words of Affirmation To Your Child: Help Your Child Feel Better About Themselves

We love our children. We know they are a joy to have in our lives, and we want to do everything we can to make them feel happy and loved.And we can tell them how much we love them all the time, or we can show them with words.

Although words may seem insignificant, they have a much more powerful effect on a child than we might think.

Words of affirmation are a great tool that you can use to build your children's self-esteem and improve their self-confidence.

What is Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement that you make to yourself. They are used for mental and physical well being purposes, or as an alternative or supplement to prayer.

Benefit of Affirmation

  1. Affirmation is a tool that can help your child understand why they are good and who they are.
  2. Words of affirmation reflect the love you have for your children and the trust you have in them.
  3. You can also use word of affirmation to teach words that your children should aspire to become. It can be tough to find time to say all these words, but it is important that parents take time to show their children how much they love them.
  4. This is a great way to build self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of self-worth in our children.

20 Example of Words of Affirmation for your kids

These are some examples of affirmations that your children can practice every day.


      1. I'm smart
      2. I’m brave
      3. Im creative
      4. I'm unique
      5. I'm strong
      6. I'm confidence
      7. I'm kind to other
      8. I'm happy
      9. I'm strong
      10. I'm Awesome
      11. I'm responsible
      12. I share
      13. I can do anything
      14. I believe in myself
      15. I appreciate what I have
      16. I enjoy the new journey
      17. I'm becoming better every day
      18. i can make a difference
      19. I respect others
      20. I'm am open and ready to learn


With the rise of social media and the impact it has had on our children, it’s important to teach them about self-esteem and learning how to be their own person. Words of affirmation can help your children build their own self-esteem and learn how to be unique people.

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