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How To Teach Your Kids to Apologize: 5 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Apologize

How To Teach Your Kids to Apologize: 5 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Apologize

Everyone makes mistakes, and when your child does something wrong, you might feel like you need to circle the wagons and protect them from the consequences. Your child might also feel like they need to apologize for everything from forgetting their homework to getting into an argument with a friend. It’s hard for your child to understand that their actions are responsible for the consequences, not the other way around. And when they make a mistake, they might not know what to do or say to make things right.

Teach them to apologize early and often with the following tips:

#1.Set Up a Consequence-Free Zone

When your child does something wrong, have them apologize and keep the discussion to that. You can encourage your kids to apologize for their actions in an area where there are no consequences. After apologizing, your children will have a better understanding of how their actions affect others and won’t be afraid to apologize in the future. 

#2.Acknowledge Their Mistakes

Give your child a chance to acknowledge the mistake by saying, “I know you didn’t mean to do that. It was so hard when I did that, too.”

This will put them in a state of mind where they are more likely to apologize for their mistake and make amends.

#3.Help Them Vent Their Feelings

Your child might feel like they have to apologize too much or not at all. If they are consistently apologizing for things that aren’t their fault, it’s time to help them understand the role of the apology and teach them how to forgive themselves. Help your child express their feelings with effective strategies, like journaling or talking to a trusted adult about what happened. 

#4.Help Them Practice Saying I’m sorry

The first step to teach your child to apologize is to help them practice saying “I’m sorry.” Practice can be as simple as following a conversation where your child apologizes when they do something wrong and then waiting for them to say it back. You might also want to get them started on saying “I’m sorry” in front of the mirror or while looking at a picture of themselves they feel bad about.

5.Let them know it’s O.K. to make mistakes

One of the most important things parents can do is teach their children that it’s natural to make mistakes. It’s also important for them to know that it’s O.K. to be wrong in this world and that they don’t have to apologize for everything they do. 


Children should be taught to apologize as soon as possible, but it’s a process that takes time and patience. This article provides advice on how parents can teach their children to apologize, but don’t forget to take a break every now and then to teach your kids that it’s O.K. to make mistakes.

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